Messaging in Moodle 2.0

I think you will appreciate the updates to the Moodle Messaging system in 2.0. In the past, you could either view messages when logged in to Moodle or have them forwarded to your email after a certain period of time elapsed. In the new version of Moodle Messaging, you have options.

According to the website, the messaging system in 2.0 has been revamped significantly:

  • it is now event-driven.
  • it allows users to control exactly what messages they receive and how.

All users need to do is adjust their messaging options in their Profile Settings. To access Profile Settings, click Messaging under My Profile Settings:

profile settings

You will see a screen “Configure notification methods for incoming messages” where you can select how you want to be notified for various types of information.

Depending upon your permissions, you will have different options. However, it’s nice to set your messages maybe as pop-up windows when you are online and then receive by email when you are offline. You can do this also with forums you are subscribed to. This way, you can not only avoid email inbox overload (one of my pet peeves), but can stay on top of current information while you are logged in to your Moodle site.

configure settings

Making it easy for students to receive updated information when they are on their Moodle site is a great way to keep them engaged and informed. Moodle Messaging improvements also include the ability to to integrate with Jabber if the system admin enables that setting.



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